The Internet provides endless consumer choice with millions of products in your fingertips. In all honesty, it could be more than a bit overwhelming and time intensive to sort through all the options.

That is where we come in. We streamline the research procedure so you are able to find what you are looking for, fast and faithfully. We spent 45 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review each folding table for our readers that became part of our top 5 picks.

Our List of Top 5 Durable Folding Table For 2019

6 Foot Centerfold Cosco Folding Table

For a table that’s versatile and may easily be set up or stored away, the Cosco Foot Centerfold Table is an excellent choice for almost any purpose you think about.This white folding table is what you must buy.

6 foot cosco folding table 2019


  • Available in white or black molded plastic.
  • This Folding table folds along the center for compact storage. To set it up, simply unfold and lock all four legs in place.
  • The Cosco foot folding table weighs about 25 pounds, users find it to be relatively easy to move thanks to its folding design and built-in grip.


  • Whilst a several people mentioned some inconsistencies at the top layer of the table or the assembly of the legs, many people found this fold table to be a workhorse ready to go right from the box.

At a low price and superb value, this Cosco Foot Centerfold Table is an excellent choice.

Vinyl Top Cosco Folding Table

For a table which will give you a lot of space for a smaller amount of cash, the 4-foot Vinco Top Folding Table by Cosco is what you are looking for.

cosco folding table


  • The folding table is only 4 ft long and 20 inches wide, and it can be somewhat thinner than any other, less affordable folding table.
  • It lacks the operation to fold in the middle for more compact storage However, the table is hardy and easy to establish, thanks to the capability to fold the two legs on each side of the table with one easy motion per side.
  • This Folding table is flexible and sturdy enough for a wide range of uses, however it’s not going to cost you a lot.


  • Nevertheless, this table is actually only suited for light outdoor use because of its vinyl surface.

In case you do not need a table which will fold in the Middle for storage spots and you do not plan to use it for heavy duty outdoor tasks, then this budget table by Cosco is an excellent choice.

Lifetime Folding Table

lifetime folding table you can use if you Occasionally want a folding table that may be adjusted to varying heights.This white folding table by Lifetime is Adjustable 4 folding table is the perfect alternative.

lifetime folding table


  • This molded plastic Lifetime Folding Table with powder coated steel legs is 48 x 24 in size with a center folding mechanism to make it simpler to carry and store.
  • The real wow factor of this folding table is its adjustable heights of 22, 29 and 36 inches.
  • The stainless steel frame is powder coated for durability, and also includes tube-in tube structure and cross that’s tall enough for most any job.


The only considerations you’ll have to bear in mind are:

  • The table textured surface which might make writing a little bumpy.
  • That in its maximum elevation, the table might not be as tough for thicker tasks

5 Piece Cosco Folding Table and Chairs Set

In case If you are searching for a Table that comes with chairs then cosco folding table is the best option to opt.

cosco folding table


  • The stainless steel frame is powder coated for durability, and also includes tube-in tube structure and cross ideal vinyl finish for comfort.
  • The set is border frames to add stability.


  • People really have very little complaints about it set, aside from part of a proper tailgating set-up, plastic.

Compact by Coleman Folding Table

This coleman folding table is a vital part of a proper tailgating set-up, also this light-weight version from Coleman is ideal for the occasion.

coleman folding table


  • Made out of aluminum, the coleman folding table is 27.5 x 27.5 x 27.5.
  • Weighs only about 9 lbs and once dropped takes up a fraction of the space available in your trunk or truck bed.
  • The one capable for setting your drinks, hot dog buns and condiments on during your tailgating session than for sitting down to dine at beneath this dining table.


  • The only drawback is, you can’t sit with your legs under this table because of its design.



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