Feel of Hiking Boots:

Possessing the right feel and fit is a big part of the way to choose the best hiking boots to your foot. There are a few Important factors to be aware of when you’re looking on your boots:

  • As a Fantastic general guideline, constantly try your shoe on towards the end of the afternoon when your foot will be the Biggest and slightly swollen 
  • If you utilize insoles, make sure to bring them along whenever you try on boots in-store 
  • You need to have sufficient space in the toe box to marginally wiggle your toes 
  • You want the shoe snug enough that your heels won’t lift up when hiking up and down-hill, however you don’t need your foot to feel squeezed.

In addition, ensure you wear lace socks which are breathable and durable enough to shield your thighs and keep you comfortable. A pair like Darn Tough wool hiking socks (our favorite!) will do an excellent job of regulating the warmth if your legs get cold and sweaty on an increase. 

Various Styles of Hiking Boots 

There are 4 major categories of hiking boots. We discuss them below in order of the lightest and least amount of service (trail-runners) to the most heavy duty (mountaineering boots). 


best hiking shoes

If you’re not fond of hiking in bulky, heavy boots some folks will make the argument that lightweight trail runner shoe are just as good an option.

Since they’re light-weight, many thru-hikers, like those on the John Muir Trail & Pacific Crest Trail, choose to hike in trail runners.

They aren’t for everyone there as some feel that they need more ankle support when carrying out a heavy back pack. Should you aren’t sure what side you’re on here is a fast breakdown so that you can decide for yourself. 

Trail runners are good if:

  • You desire quite light-weight shoes
  • You don’t want to have to break them  
  • You desire versatile shoes
  • you’re hiking in hot weather 

Trails runners are not good for things such as! 

  • A long-lasting shoe; you’ll have to replace them more often 
  • Support 
  • Stability 
  • Good Traction 

Low Heel Ankle Boots

Low Heel Ankle Boots

Low ankle trail shoes are lightweight, flexible with reduced cut uppers. Usually, they’re a combination of fabric and leather, so that they breathe well to keep your legs dry.

Just make sure to use lace or wool inside in case you encounter rain or have to walk through water. 

Use a low-ankle route shoe if: 

  • you’re hiking shorter distances or merely day-long lifts
  • you’re carrying a light load on your spine
  • you’ll be on well-worn and horizontal paths with a well-defined surface 
  • You don’t need ankle or knee support

Lightweight Hiking Boots 

Lightweight Hiking Boots

If you’re curious on how to assemble choose hiking boots which are more appropriate for all sorts of terrain, then lightweight backpacking boots are a broad enough category to locate your perfect fit.

This style may have high ankle support to get good stability, attributes like water-proof leather or suede, more cushion in the midsole that is also rigid enough to support your foot when walking, and generally is stronger and inflexible than a trail runner. 

Go to get a light-weight backpacking boot 

  • you’re hiking in varying conditions like muddy, steep or rugged terrain 
  • you’re going on a multi-day hike 
  • you’re carrying a heavy load on your spine
  • You need more support for your ankles and knees 
  • you’re a beginner Who’d like to improve and eventually tackle more challenging hikes

Mountain Hiking

mountain hiking

Boots made for mountaineering are the most durable and sturdy kind and are really only needed if you will be trekking up very rugged alpine peaks.

These boots may require attaching extra attributes like, crampons or micro spikes for much better grip and generally are better on hard packed icy terrain.

These boots have a thick and durable construction, which means you may need at least a week or two to break them in and feel comfortable. 

You’re more than likely not going to opt for a shoe as specific as mountaineering boots, therefore we recommend adhering to hiking shoes or backpacking boots to get the maximum out of your footwear.




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